Online Scheduling

Schedule & Manage your staff online

Easy to use and modern, Urhere’s online scheduling solution will save you time and money by allowing you spend more time working on your business and less time scheduling.

Save & paste your schedule with templates

Saving your favourite schedules means that your weekly scheduling could be as easy as clicking “Load Template”. There’s no limit on the number of schedule templates you can save, so you can always be prepared for those busy periods and the quieter ones.

Real-Time Updates & Notifications

The schedule in Urhere is in real-time, meaning no matter where you are or what time day, you know exactly your position. Shifts, wages & time reporting and insights are all updated in real-time.

Build & Share a schedule in seconds

Tools like copy & paste, quick leave, no show management, bulk updating and schedule templates means that you no longer have to spend hours each week planning your schedule.

Schedule templates can be loading instantly, meaning you can load and share your schedule online in seconds.

Shift Offering & Acceptance

Easily offer shifts to your staff with Urhere. Simply set the shift status to publish in your schedule, and our smart notification system will notify the staff member for you. When the shift is accepted or rejected, we will automatically notify you and your schedule will update in real-time.

Realtime View

With a real time schedule view, you know exactly who is on shift, who is late and who is on leave. Easy to use reporting allows you to quantify leave, hours worked and missed hours by staff member and venue.

Powerful Scheduling Features

All the scheduling features you need to save time and money for only $20 USD per month.

Work Areas

View & Filter your schedule based your staff work areas.

Easy Leave

Transform missed shifts to paid or unpaid leave with one click!

Auto Timesheets

Automated timesheet generation saves hours in administration time.


Centralised views and report means you can see all your businesses and venues in one spot.

Roster Templates

Save and load your schedule in seconds with our schedule templates


Realtime insights let’s you know how your position to the second!

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